the happiness project – arc review

the happiness project – arc review

The Happiness Project
by Pippa James
Pub date: February 12th 2019
3/5 Stars

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Three mumsy friends each make a New Year’s Resolution; hyper-organised Alison wants to escape her comfort zone, single mother Frankie want to get a job and hold it down and Kate, pregnant for the third time, wants to approach the new baby’s birth with ‘zen’ instead of being her usual worrying self. Naturally it all goes entirely to plan – not. Navigating new romances and old friendships, hirings and firings, PTA mums and wayward family members all while raising a collective brood of crazy four years olds doesn’t make their Happiness Project as straight forward as they’d hoped.

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just for clicks – arc review

just for clicks – arc review

Just For Clicks by Kara McDowell
Amberjack Publishing
Pub date: February 19th 2019
3/5 stars

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The Dixon family are ‘internet famous’. What began as a mommy blog run by Ashley Dixon has turned into an international empire – and her daughter Claire wants out. Having everything from potty training to junior prom discussed online is no longer her idea of fun and the perks of sponsorship deals don’t hold a candle to her dream of going to college and finally being a normal girl. Her twin sister Poppy thinks she’s mad to give up the glamour of fame, especially when all it requires are a few hair tutorial YouTube videos in return… oh, and giving up your privacy, embarrassing viral outbursts and being forced in front of your mom’s camera 24/7. However, underneath the insta-perfect facade, the cracks are beginning to show, with traumatic moments from the past and the uncertainty of their future as celebrities and as a family all come to a head.

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