charity birthday book haul

charity birthday book haul

Hey everyone! So, Sunday 17th February was my birthday! I’ve reached the grand old age of 23 and had a lovely weekend celebrating (aka I ate A LOT of food!).

As you may or may not know, this year I put myself on a book buying ban with one exception: my birthday. The main focus of today’s blog is a little project I like to call my Charity Birthday Book Haul.

I am a massive supporter of charity shops; the rare occasion I go Marie Kondo on my belongings, the majority of them get sent to my local stores. They are an endless well of bargains (okay, if you sift through enough!) and a great place to find books without breaking your bank.

I took a little of my birthday money (and put the rest into savings like A Responsible Adult) and went on a spree to get as many books as I could, all from charity shops! As well as looking at what books I found, I’ve provided some details on the charities my money will go towards and links for you to donate yourself if you feel inclined.

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