The Book Rec Lottery – March Launch

The Book Rec Lottery – March Launch

Do you like recommending your favourite books? Would you like more recommendations tailored to your mood or content you fancy?

Then you’re in the right place!

How does it work?

  • Each month, Michaela and I will pick a theme. This could be anything, from a certain type of representation to a specific trope to an emotion you want a book to make you feel.
  • We’ll launch it on our blogs and Twitter at the start of the month – make sure you’re following both myself and Michaela!
  • Then it’s up to you! All you need to do is leave a comment or reply to our tweet with a book recommendation you think fits that theme and why. This can be as long or short as you like and you can recommend as many or few as you can think of!
  • At the end of the month we’ll round up all your suggestions and put them in a random generator – this is the ‘lottery’ part.
  • We’ll then make a blog post with five of your randomly chosen recommendations with a full synopsis, our thoughts on the choice and your explanation! All other suggestions will be added at the end as ‘Honorable Mentions’ so no one will miss out on having their recommendation shared.

This means that every month, you’ll get at least five recommendations based on a mood, trope or theme as well as being able to share your own favourites and hopefully find people who love them too!


And now, for March’s theme… drumroll…

Related image


That’s right! We want your favourite books which feature your favourite gals – whether they’re tough fighters, smart book owls or compassionate healers (or all three!). Let us know what book you would recommend featuring an amazing woman (or women) and tell us why you think others would love it!

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Either comment on this post or reply to our pinned tweet on Twitter! You have until Sunday 31st March.


11 thoughts on “The Book Rec Lottery – March Launch

  1. Inej from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo because she is a knife-wielding queen who is capable of inflicting a lot of damage. You would not want to mess with her. Also she has been through a lot emotionally and I think it makes her all the more stronger and inspiring to read about.

    And Luna from Harry Potter by J K Rowling. I know this is a widely known book but I think Luna is a really inspiring bad ass female character because she is herself. She isn’t concerned with making people like her and doesn’t care if they don’t. She is resilient and reminds readers that being true to yourself is important!!

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  2. Zaira from the Swords and Fire Trilogy (by Melissa Caruso. First book = THE TETHERED MAGE). A fire warlock with a sharp, quick mouth, no filter and little consternation over anyone’s opinions. She’s a street rat with her magic chained because of the law, and thrust into danger because she’s a ‘weapon’. Despite all this, she’s loyal and makes (mostly good choices). Zaira also forces Amalia (the MC) to become a stronger character, willing to fight for what she believes in.

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  3. I fell in love with the book “Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine”, by Gail Honeyman. Eleanor is socially awkward, has a difficult past, is lonely and stuck in her routines, yet her voice is so true, brave and honest. Her journey made me cry, laugh, was sad but also empowering and positive. I loved everything, I already read it twice and will read it again soon!

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  4. For this month’s theme, I would absolutely choose Clementine ‘Tish’ Rivers from James Baldwin’s If Beale Street Could Talk. This is a difficult theme, in a lot of ways, as I have so many fierce female characters who I absolutely adore and could wax lyrical about day in and day out. That being said, I think Tish is a really great choice. Tish is not what you would consider to be conventionally ‘badass’, in that she does not fit into this well crafted image that modern media forces on us, in which a woman has to be broken down, bloody, and all guns blazing to be badass. A woman can be anything that she wants to be and still be strong and empowering, and I think Tish is an excellent example of that. She is notorious for being softly spoken, gentle, and having a very tender heart; she is good, kind, and her niceness is somewhat the heart and soul of the story. She is so young, and faces so many hardships and uncertainties throughout the course of the story, and endures an endless amount of stress. To say that Tish remains strong in these moments is absolutely an understatement, but it isn’t only her ability to stand tall that sets her apart, but moreso the way in which she does. Again, Tish doesn’t fall into the trap of either being a girl who weeps and worries and works herself into a state, nor is she the kind of girl who is fearless and level-headed, who cuts herself off from her emotions in an attempt to appear brave. In fact, Tish embraces all of these qualities in vastly different ways, and isn’t afraid to show her emotion, to show her fear, to second guess herself and those around her, just as she has shining moments in which we, the reader, and those around her champion her for; those moments in which she stands up for herself, for Fonny, for the things that she believes in, and all the while never straying away from that tender, compassionate young woman that we all came to adore. She proves that it is possible to be fierce, to empower those around you, and to remain strong through all your troubles, and still remain soft and sweet – women are not obligated to give up a piece of themselves to be considered strong.


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